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Our Mission...Technology Stocks to Deliver you High Returns

We will provide you with insightful investment research that we are confident will make you money.  You will understand exactly why you want to profit from the technology stocks we identify in the investment focus areas.  We will guide you toward a path of high returns.  After you renew your subscription you will wonder how you received a full year of this much money-making information at such a value.

That's our mission and we intend to satisfy that value proposition. 

We offer independent research free from any paid promotion from any company.  The only way we succeed is by having you succeed and continuing your subscription.

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What You Get

Each week we cover the investments selected for developments important to your investment
decisions.  This includes looking at trends and events that may impact your investments.

Insightful Analysis

The difference between success and failure in investments in our focus areas is understanding markets, technology, and having the insight to see the best investments for the technology focus area.  

Accurate Forecasts

If you had forecast that the age of mobile digital media was about to be unleashed several years ago as we did you would have greatly outperformed the market with the stock selections Rick Currin identified as key to this forecast.  While some investments like Apple are obvious once they attract the attention of CNBC daily, wouldn't you have wanted to be in on Apple well before the iPhone launch with the certainty of it creating a tectonic shift in technology and digital mobile media? 

While we are generally long term oriented investors we believe you would have benefited immensely from Rick's early March '09 weekly update on "Banks Bailouts and Bottoms" which provided you the clear understanding of why the financial crisis was about to give way to a roaring bull market. 

These are simply examples of what we do.  We identify investments in our focus areas that are uniquely positioned to provide you maximum market returns.  At the same time we provide market information to allow you to best profit in this era of market volatility.

Stock Selection and Portfolios

We feature stock selections and model portfolios for our selections.  You have access to all the information and recommendations in the member area as well as access to archived content and alerts.

Unlimited Online Access, Alerts and Special Features

In addition to the weekly service for tracking your investment decisions, you will also receive email alerts for transactions and special feature reports as supplemental reports.  All of the information in the weekly service is available online with unlimited access.

A Simple Effective Approach

currinTechnology is easy to use and understand.  Buy the longer term portfolio stocks
we feature in our portfolio section and monitor the investments as well as market developments with our newsletter and transaction alerts.  We also introduce you to special opportunities to take advantage of the long term gains we are forecasting through the selective use of LEAPS.  

While the system is simplicity in action, it is knowing which stocks to select based on knowledge that is key to its success.  That's where the research of the editor Rick Currin and our research team comes in to bring you clear, confident, money-making picks.